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AIM Investor Focus returns for 2013

AIM Investor Focus, the access event for AIM-listed companies and investors, will next run on April 17th at the offices of finnCap.

"There are some great, world-class companies listed on AIM today." said David O'Hara, Founder of Blackthorn Focus. "Many investors regard hearing directly from management to be a vital part of their research process. AIM Investor Focus brings AIM-listed companies and investors together in one place on one day."

Following the success that the event enjoyed last April, April 17th will see this event return to the City.

Thanks to the support of finnCap and MHP Communications, five AIM companies have been recruited to participate in this unique event.

For more information, visit the event page here.

David O'Hara writes for Selftrade Stocktake

David O'Hara, Founder of Blackthorn Focus, appears in the Summer 2012 edition of Stocktake, the quarterly customer magazine from Selftrade.

In his article Dividend Hikers, Mr O'Hara reports on companies with a long history of successive dividend rises.

You can read Stocktake here.

BDO to host NEDucation 2012

NEDucation is a Blackthorn Focus conference for non-executive directors of UK-listed companies.

The next NEDucation event will take place on November 8th, 2012. The event will be hosted by BDO, the leading accounting and audit services firm.

"NEDucation 2011 was very well-received by delegates" said David O'Hara, Founder of Blackthorn Focus. "I am very pleased to take NEDucation back to BDO in Baker Street again in November for the third event in the series."

David O'Hara appears on TheWiseMonkeys

David O'Hara, Founder of Blackthorn Focus, appeared as a guest on the recent video webcast from TheWiseMonkeys.

In a feature covering the new ISA season, Mr O'Hara referred to the continued ban on AIM shares being held in ISAs, along with highlighting some of the most successful companies listed on AIM.

"If we want people to invest in their ISAs we should make it as simple as possible for them to do so rather than putting up all these hurdles they have to be familiar with" said Mr O'Hara. "ISAs are an incredibly efficient way of building wealth and smaller companies are vital to the economy."

The video of the webcast can be viewed here.

Blackthorn Focus launches AIM Investor Focus

AIM Investor Focus, a one day corporate access event for AIM-listed companies and investors will take place on April 25th at the Barbican in London.

AIM companies have signed up to the event to make corporate presentations to an audience of private investors and run a series of meetings with the institutional fund manager community.

"There are some very successful companies on London's Alternative Investment Market" said David O'Hara, Founder of Blackthorn Focus. "AIM Investor Focus will bring together, in one place and on one day a collection of AIM companies and investors looking to hear more. The companies collected there will be a honeypot for smallcap investors."

More information on AIM Investor Focus and how investors can attend is here.

David O'Hara opens government e-petition

David O'Hara, Founder of Blackthorn Focus, has opened a government e-petition, demanding an end to the ban on private investors holding AIM-listed shares in Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs).

Mr O'Hara said:

"For too long the Treasury has not allowed private investors to shelter their AIM stocks from taxation. This creates additional complication to the ISA rules and denies investors the opportunity to invest in some of the UK's best growth businesses without running into the tax man.

The ban is obtuse, absurd and an anachronism. Following the abolition of taper-relief I see no reason for this ban to remain. The ban undermines liquidity in the UK smallcap arena, effectively holding back the value of some of Britain's best small and medium enterprises. The ban does no favours to anybody, it is time it went."

The government e-petition can be signed here:

signatories' identification details are kept private by the government and their names are not visible to anyone but the government e-petitions staff.

aimZine features indices update

aimZine, the online magazine for the AIM community, today features an article by Blackthorn Focus' Founder, David O'Hara.

This feature contained a summary of the performance of the two Blackthorn Focus AIM indices GROWTHfocus and INCOMEfocus.

"When I first constructed these indices one year ago I never imagined just how significantly they would go on to outperform the AIM market as a whole" said Mr O'Hara. "This demonstrates something I have long believed to be the case — there are a considerable number of high quality companies on AIM that can deliver enhanced returns with lower volatility."

David O'Hara appears on The Wise Monkeys

David O'Hara, Founder of Blackthorn Focus, appears in the most recent episode of The Wise Monkeys, the popular internet webcast sponsored by Selftrade.

In a wide-ranging 15 minute video covering equity investment opportunities, Mr O'Hara discusses the dynamics of commodity investment and the performance of the Blackthorn Focus AIM indices: GROWTHfocus and INCOMEfocus.

"I'm very grateful to David Stevenson for his invitation to join the panel of The Wise Monkeys" said Mr O'Hara. "This was a great opportunity to not only highlight the success of GROWTHfocus and INCOMEfocus but also some of the most successful companies on the Alternative Investment Market. I look forward to collaborating with The Wise Monkeys in the future."

The webcast, episode 87 of the series, can be viewed here.

finncap to sponsor NEDucation 2011

finnCap, the independent corporate broker, are partnering with Blackthorn Focus and BDO at NEDucation 2011, the one-day conference for non-executive directors of UK-listed companies.

NEDucation 2011 takes place on October 14th at BDO's Baker Street offices and is a full day of presentations and informative discussions for non-executive directors of UK-listed companies.

David O'Hara, Founder of Blackthorn Focus said:

"Since its formation, finnCap's development has been one of the most notable stories in the corporate advice arena. I look forward to hearing from finnCap CEO Sam Smith and her team at NEDucation 2011. The quality of advice and support finnCap deliver has proved immensely popular with finnCap's client base, NEDucation delegates will no doubt place a high value on hearing their insights."

In addition, Jon Moulton, Chairman of Better Capital and Non-Executive Chairman of finnCap will be making the keynote speech at NEDucation 2011.

"Jon's reputation and standing in the market are exemplary" said Mr O'Hara. "His perspective and experience are most welcome and I thank him for joining the NEDucation 2011 programme."

BDO to host NEDucation 2011

BDO, the world's fifth largest accountancy organisation, will be hosting the Blackthorn Focus event NEDucation 2011 at their Baker Street offices on October 14th.

NEDucation is a one-day training event for non-executive directors of UK-listed companies. This will be the second time Blackthorn Focus has produced NEDucation, following 2010's June event.

"It is vital that today's non-executive directors understand developments in legislation, regulation and market practice" said David O'Hara, Founder of Blackthorn Focus. "BDO's support for this event is very welcome. I look forward to announcing further partnerships ahead of October 14th."

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